Lightweight Cabin Luggage Solutions

Below is our range of ideas and products for helping your pack and make the most out of your baggage allowance.

Foldaway Bags

All of the lightweight foldaway bags expand out of a pouch which then becomes a convenient external pocket. The bags have velcro padded carry handles and as well as a shoulder straps All of these bags will also prove to be extremely useful as luggage pieces for cruises especially if associated with a flight to the port of departure. Cabin space on cruise liners is restricted and so these foldaway bags will not get in the way or fill up wardrobe space!!

Foldaway Holdall Cabin Bag – 40 Litres - £20.00


Foldaway Holdall Cabin Bag

This lightweight foldaway bag measures 50 x 40 x 20 cm and weighs 625g. The pouch from which it unfolds becomes an attached external pocket. This is big enough to accommodate an i-pad and has an additional zipped section for passports and tickets etc.. This piece is suitable to be used as hand luggage on all airlines inc Ryanair and easyJet. Perfect for safaris or transfers to island resorts etc. Capacity 40 litres.


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